ассоциированный глагол:
ассоциировать (associate, connect, couple)
связывать (bind, associate, connect, bound, link, tie)
ассоциироваться (associate)
общаться (deal, socialize, associate, converse, commune, mix)
соединяться (unite, connect, join, incorporate, couple, associate)
соединять (unite, connect, join, combine, put together, associate)
присоединяться (associate, subscribe, accede, affiliate, line up, attach oneself to)
вступать (enter, join, engage, enter into, contract, associate)
становиться партнером (associate)
имя прилагательное:
связанный (connected, bound, related, tied, associated, associate)
присоединенный (affiliate, associate, combined, appendant)
объединенный (combined, united, joint, integrated, consolidated, associate)
имя существительное:
партнер (partner, associate, member, pard, playmate, bedfellow)
компаньон (companion, partner, associate, affiliate, butty, pard)
коллега (colleague, associate, friend, brother, confrere, oppo)
товарищ (friend, comrade, fellow, companion, mate, associate)
союзник (Ally, associate, confederate)
соучастник (partner, accomplice, accessory, accessary, party, associate)
сообщник (accomplice, confederate, associate, complice)
приятель (friend, buddy, PAL, mate, Man, associate)
пособник (accomplice, abettor, pander, associate, ally, encourager)
младший член академии художеств (associate)
член-корреспондент (associate, corresponding member)

Англо-русский синонимический словарь. 2014.

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